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You could find backlinks towards the checklist of labor completed each week at mw:VisualEditor/Weekly triage conferences. Their recent priorities are repairing bugs, releasing the 2017 wikitext editor as being a beta feature, and improving upon language guidance. Latest changesעריכה

כמנהלים, כחברים, כהורים, יש לנו השפעה על הסובבים אותנו. אנחנו מטפטפים מסרים של תמיכה או וויתור לאורך הזמן.

הדרך הנימוסית יכולה להיות "תודה ששאלת והתעניינת, אך זה נושא שאיני רוצה לדבר עליו". ואם מישהו מגזים - לא יזיק לענות בקצת יותר תקיפות. זו לא חוצפה. השאלה שלו/ה היא החוצפה.

נוסף לכתיבת השירים, מופיעה ברומן חידה, המתכתבת עם החידות שמופיעות במדורי הילדים.

I like to recommend leaving the "Permission" discipline blank and working with only one license tag, to avoid confusion.

For those who produced this file, make sure you Be aware that The truth that it has been proposed for deletion will not always imply that we don't worth your sort contribution. It basically signifies that one particular human being believes that there is some particular issue with it, such as a copyright problem.

Please don't forget to answer and – if correct – contradict the arguments supporting deletion. Arguments which focus on the nominator will likely not have an impact on the result of the nomination. Thank you!

File:Wikipedians P1070798.JPG is outlined at Commons:Deletion requests so that the Group can explore no matter whether it ought to be stored or not. We would respect it if you could possibly head to voice your opinion relating to this at its entry.

File:Judean_Desert_IMG_1903.JPG has been detailed at Commons:Deletion requests so the Local community can go over whether it ought to be stored or not. We might enjoy it if you can drop by voice your impression about this at its entry.

כעת, בעת שאת עורכת, תגלי שבחלקו התחתון של חלון העריכה שלך, בין הצלמית "תצוגה מקדימה" והצלמית "הצגת שינויים", נוספה צלמית חדשה המכונה "בדיקה".

Please keep in mind to reply to and – if acceptable – contradict the arguments supporting deletion. Arguments which give attention to the nominator is not going to impact the result of the nomination. Thank you!

For those who established this file, be sure to note that The reality that it's been proposed for deletion isn't going to essentially signify that we don't benefit your form contribution. It simply just ensures that a person human being believes that there is some specific problem with it, for instance a copyright difficulty.

phrases conditions to explain the steps of your farmer's son, which include "rape", "sexual abuse", "Actual physical violence", "threats" - are not being pronounced in her testimony to her granddaughter for she requirements an entire new emotional vocabulary. "המילה המפורשת" המוכרת אינה מצטיירת ככזו המסוגלת לתאר טראומה אישית אותה נושאת הסבתא שנים רבות מבלי לספר על אודותיה.The "Explicit Word" will always fail to describe her personal trauma, following years of keeping silent, and burying the events in her own pit. The grandmother's intuitionהרצון להגן על הנכדה פוגש בחוסר היכולת לייצג את הסיפור בכלים מוכרים, ומכאן פנייתה של הנכדה אל מורתה בתום העדות ואמירתה "אין לי סיפור" (עמ' 65).of of safeguarding her granddaughter corresponds with her incapability to express her Tale by any familiar applications, consequently the granddaughter's assertion to her Instructor "She has no Tale". הנכדה אינה מקבלת את דבריה תגיש לי הבלתי מובנים של סבתה כעדות ומכאן בטוחה שהפרויקט אותו תגיש יזכה לציון נכשל.The granddaughter isn't going to accept the non-structured fragmented language and for that reason she is sure her overall school task is really a failure.

Wikimedia Commons normally takes copyright violations pretty very seriously and persistent violators will probably be blocked from enhancing.

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